GeoCAS Core Infrastructure:

  1. Geospatial Classroom and Lab Capabilities
    The GeoCAS Institutional facilities include a state-of-the-art geospatial classroom and lab The classroom/lab, has 16 computers (i7 64-bit processors, 16Gb RAM, 500Gb storage), along with an integrative SmartBoard 800 system, allowing for touch-screen interactive learning and visualization. Instructors can visualize geospatial and computational data in the large screen, use a multicolor electronic whiteboard. The whole system is skype- and lynx-enabled, which allows sharing and broadcasting of screen and classroom audio and video data over the web to online audience. The GeoCAS classroom and lab is used for formal and informal educational settings, as well as for technical and professional training and instructional events. Formal educational use of the geospatial classroom includes graduate courses (e.g., Principles of Geographic Information Science), as well as undergraduate courses (e.g., GIS, Mathematical Modeling). The lab is also used for Territorial-wide and community GIS training events and sessions throughout the year.
  2. Communication/Meeting Capabilities
    GeoCAS also has an 8-seat board/conference room equipped with another interactive SmartBoard 800 system, enhancing visualization and collaboration settings. The conference room is audio and video conference ready, including phone, skype and lynx bidirectional communication capabilities.
  3. Production Printing Capabilities
    Large-format print and map production at GeoCAS is done using a number of professional equipment. These include a Canon imagePROGRAF iPF825 MFP M40 system , as well as a large-format professional poster/map laminator machine. If you are interested in utilizing our printing services, please check the Services section of our website.
  4. Computational Infrastructure/Capabilities
    The core computational and geospatial database infrastructure< of GeoCAS includes a Virtual storage and server bundle housed in our server room. Currently our geospatial storage capacity exceeeds 37+ Tb of data storage. Our virtual servers include enhanced storage and database servers, two redundant ArcGIS license servers, a statistical and mathematical license server for Wolfram Mathematica and Statistica, as well as web-mapping and app engine servers.
The geospatial classroom lab at GeoCAS
The interactive conference room at GeoCAS
The print and map production infrastructure at GeoCAS
Overview of the server room at GeoCAS